1.3.2 Changelog

Laminas API Tools 1.3.2

Based on https://github.com/zfcampus/zf-apigility-skeleton/releases/tag/1.3.2 (commit 20d926a24798e5bf945452f409ac62f6747e9a43 in this repo)

Incorporates the following fixes from api-tools-skeleton:

Additionally, the following modules have updates incorporated in this release:

  • laminas-development-mode updated to 2.1.2; brings in fixes for configuration cache settings when switching between development and production modes.
  • laminas-api-tools-admin 1.4.1 fixes an issue in the RpcServiceModel to ensure that a correct pattern is generated when fetching a service by name.
  • laminas-api-tools-admin-ui 1.2.2 fixes a number of issues discovered, including:
    • DB Autodiscovery was failing due to inability to properly select the DB adapter name.
    • Custom authentication adapters are now displayed.
    • The regex for validating custom content-types was fixed to ensure it only allows valid MIME type specifications.
    • Fixes validation for REST and RPC service names, raising a warning on invalid input.