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Be API-centric

Separating presentation logic from data provides the flexibility to support multiple client form factors, and future-proofs apps to allow behind-the-scenes change without breaking user interfaces. With Laminas API Tools, you can take the code that powers your business, and then API-enable it.

Think mobile

An API-based architecture is essential to agile delivery of mobile applications. Laminas API Tools provides JSON representations that can be parsed and used in any mobile framework; write for the web or native applications simultaneously!

Continuing Apigility's Legacy

Laminas API Tools is the open source continuation of Apigility.

Startup in seconds

$ composer create-project laminas-api-tools/api-tools-skeleton
$ cd api-tools-skeleton
$ php -S -t public public/index.php

Want an overview of Laminas API Tools features?
Watch the video above, or others here

The above video references Apigility, the predecessor to Laminas API Tools. While some details differ, particularly around class names, the overall workflow remains the same.

Key features

RESTful or RPC services; JSON (specifically, HAL); Problem Details for HTTP APIs; Versioning; Normalisation and Validation; Authentication (HTTP Basic/Digest, OAuth2); Documentation (HTML, Swagger, API Blueprint).

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Runs everywhere

PHP, Mac, Windows, GNU/Linux