1.4.1 Changelog

api-tools-skeleton 1.4.1

Based on https://github.com/zfcampus/zf-apigility-skeleton/releases/tag/1.4.1 (commit 4d921a8b4e00432ad30dffe1226cd2c826229da2 in this repo)


  • Nothing.


  • zfcampus/zf-apigility-skeleton#146 updates the Vagrant configuration to use bento/ubuntu-16.04 as its base.
  • zfcampus/zf-apigility-skeleton#147 updates the minimum supported versions of the following dependencies:
    • laminas-component-installer: 0.5.0
    • api-tools-documentation: 1.2.3
    • api-tools-admin: 1.5.9
  • zfcampus/zf-apigility-skeleton#148 updates the public/index.php to allow intercepting calls to it for enabling and disabling development mode (e.g., php public/index.php development enable). These calls now proxy to the official laminas-development-mode scripts. The change was made to allow backwards compatibility in existing toolsets such as Laminas Studio, which would enable development mode when invoking the admin GUI.


  • Nothing.


  • Nothing.