Laminas RPC


Module for implementing RPC web services in Laminas.


  • defining controllers as PHP callables.
  • creating a whitelist of HTTP request methods; requests outside the whitelist will return a 405 Method Not Allowed response with an Allow header indicating allowed methods.


Please see the composer.json file.


Run the following composer command:

$ composer require laminas-api-tools/api-tools-rpc

Alternately, manually add the following to your composer.json, in the require section:

"require": {
    "laminas-api-tools/api-tools-rpc": "^1.3"

And then run composer update to ensure the module is installed.

Finally, add the module name to your project's config/application.config.php under the modules key:

return [
    /* ... */
    'modules' => [
        /* ... */
    /* ... */


If you use laminas-component-installer, that plugin will install api-tools-rpc as a module for you.


User Configuration

This module uses the top-level configuration key of api-tools-rpc.

Key: Controller Service Name

The api-tools-rpc module uses a mapping between controller service names with the values being an array of information that determine how the RPC style controller will behave. The key should be a controller service name that also matches a controller service name assigned to a route in the router configuration.

Inside this key, the following sub-keys are required:

  • http_methods: for configuring what methods this RPC service controller can respond to. This also is used for populating the Allow response header for this service.
  • route_name: for linking back to a particular route. This is especially useful when RPC routes need to build links as part of their response.
  • callable (optional): utilized to specify a callable that will be invoked at dispatch time. At dispatch time, these callables are typically wrapped in an instance of Laminas\ApiTools\Rpc\RpcController, which is a dispatchable action controller.


'api-tools-rpc' => [
    'Application\Controller\LoginController' => [
        'http_methods' => ['POST'],
        'route_name'   => 'api-login',
        'callable'     => 'Application\Controller\LoginController::process',

System Configuration

The following configuration ensures this module operates properly in the context of a Laminas application:

'controllers' => [
    'abstract_factories' => [

Laminas Events



This listeners is registered to the MvcEvent::EVENT_ROUTE event with a priority of -100. It is responsible for ensuring the HTTP response to an OPTIONS request for the given RPC service includes the properly configured and allowed HTTP methods in the Allow header. This uses the configuration from the http_methods key of the api-tools-rpc service configuration for the matching service. Additionally, it verifies if the incoming request method is in the configured http_methods for the RPC service, and, if not, returns a 405 Method Not Allowed response with a populated Allow header.

Laminas Services



This particular model is used and is useful for taking a callable and a set of named parameters, and determining which ones can be used as arguments to the callable.



This controller is used to wrap a callable registered as an RPC service in order to make it a Laminas dispatchable.

Images in the documentation, and the API Tools Admin UI itself, still refer to Apigility. This is due to the fact that we only recently transitioned the project to its new home in the Laminas API Tools. Rest assured that the functionality remains the same.